Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Impact of Fuel Prices on Online/Blended Learning

This blog is to chronicle a linkage between the rising cost of transportation - notably cars and public mass transit - and the rising interest in online and blended learning. The title of each posting is hyperlinked to the source of the report.


Anita Crawley said...

Hey Ray,
I just sent the NY Times article to the DL faculty along with a comparison of fall DL registration at the same time last year. We are at just about the same place. So I'm wondering if we won't feel the difference until later in the registration process as is typical with community college registration. Hope you are well.


PS - I'll swap you gas bills - I have a SUV that I can't give away:-).

Ray said...


Hi! Great to "hear" from you. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I suspect that those colleges that already offer blended/online options may continue to see steady to increasing enrollments. But, I think some institutions without such options may see an erosion of enrollments among commuters.

No swap on gas bills! I will say that $50.00 on the gas pump next to my little Elantra really caught my attention.