Monday, July 7, 2008

LMC “Fuel Up on Class, Not Gas” Web Page Directs Students to Travel-saving College Services

As John Selmon looks out over the student parking lot at Lake Michigan College, he can’t help but to think of how students are struggling with record-level gas prices that continue to climb.
“It’s hitting everyone hard, but it’s especially bad for students,” Selmon contemplated. But, with gas over $4 per gallon, it has just made it a little more difficult.” LMC has launched a special “Fuel up on class, not gas,” section on its web site to inform students about options that can help them take classes while saving on gas. The section is available from the home page or can be accessed by going to Among the key things listed on the site are online courses and telecourses. The courses, which allow students to experience coursework on the internet or through lectures on DVD, were originally introduced to provide students with more scheduling flexibility. Now these classes can significantly reduce the number of trips students need to make to campus.

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