Friday, August 1, 2008

Online class enrollments jump - ANGELA CAPUTO, Southtown Star

Katie Hirdler has had it with filling up her tank. With each fill-up costing $70, Hirdler is always looking for ways to avoid visiting the gas pump. Hirdler traded in her truck for a Cadillac. She took a job as a nanny for a local family. And, despite being "not really that great with computers," the 22-year-old freshman at Moraine Valley Community College decided to give online classes a try this summer.

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Charles Kilfoye said...

Transportation costs have emerged as a significant factor in driving up online enrollments. It used to be that two things: location and lack of free time, were the issues in the decision to study online. Now the unbearbale cost of getting there has joined them to form a trinity of circumstance that is the driving force!