Thursday, September 18, 2008

High gas prices boost online classes - MARIE WADSWORTH Hobbs, Las Cruces News-Sun

New Mexico Junior College and University of the Southwest, as well as Eastern New Mexico University and the University of New Mexico, have experienced an increase in the number of online students this year compared to last year. One of the reasons, some say, is a dramatic increase in the price of gasoline. According to AAA, gas prices in New Mexico average $3.66 for unleaded and $4.16 for diesel compared to $2.93 for unleaded and $3.02 for diesel a year ago. NMJC has increased from 749 students enrolled in online classes last fall to 1,629 online students this fall—up 117 percent, said Michele Clingman, dean of enrollment management at NMJC. USW increased from 585 online students last fall to 845 this fall—up 7 percent, said Evelyn Rising, acting registrar at USW.

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