Friday, April 1, 2011

Gas prices affect commuters and residents - Hailey Silvey,

As we all know, the rising price of gas is affecting the way everyone was carrying out their day. However, we rarely think of how this rise in gas has affected college students. Students who commute to their campus are particularly affected by this change. They now find it difficult to attend events on campus and even their classes. Young Harris College has 162 commuter students. 145 of these commuters are from Georgia, the other 17 are from North Carolina. Students say that gas prices make it difficult for them to come to class. Freshman Stephenie Fagin from Hiawassee says “I skip class about once every two weeks simply because I just can’t afford the gas to come. I can’t work as many shifts as I need to, due to the work I have for my classes. It’s a really hard cycle that is difficult to overcome.”

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