Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rising Gas Prices - Serena Imani Korn, musingsofajournalism student

Increasing gas prices are causing significant change to everyday lives of South Puget Sound Community College students, according to a poll conducted on Wednesday. Of 62 SPSCC students polled, 61 percent said gas prices have had an impact on their lives; 26 percent said they felt no major impact. Those impacted are making significant alterations to their daily schedules. In a separate question, 61 percent of students polled claim to drive less and 31 percent make efforts to carpool. 45 percent of those interviewed take Intercity Transit, utilizing their student I.D. cards as a free pass. Jeff, in his first quarter at SPSCC, is one of those students heavily impacted by the rising gas prices. Jeff lives in Shelton, 21 miles northwest of Olympia. Finding gas prices particularly hard-hitting, he leaves his car at home, and instead catches a bus to downtown Olympia. While this saves money, it also causes Jeff to put more thought and planning into his schedule.

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