Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pump prices pinch commuter students - TERRI PEDERSON, Beaver Dam Daily Citizen

Tess Goeller, attends Marian University, fills her car up after working on Sunday before heading to Fond du Lac. Goeller is a graduate of Beaver Dam High School and expects to graduate in May of 2012 from Marian, but until that time she is still commuting back to Beaver Dam from Fond du Lac in order to work. No one is happy about gas prices around $4 a gallon, but few people struggle with the cost more than commuter college students. The cost of books, supplies and tuition with limited hours to work are things that can be budgeted. The increase price in gas, however, was not something they could factor in when the semester began last winter. Tya Hill, a Beaver Dam mother of two and re-entry student at UW-Oshkosh, said she has had to tighten her belt to deal with increased gas prices. "I've seen a big difference," Hill said. "In August, I was able to commute at a gas cost of approximately $65 per week. Now that has increased to about $90."

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