Wednesday, May 18, 2011

With ample supplies, gas price tests $4 - George Lauby, North Platte Bulletin

As the price of gasoline neared the $4 a gallon mark in Nebraska, Exxon’s first-quarter earnings surged 69 percent. The giant oil company took in $11 billion in profits during the first three months of 2011, the highest profits since 2008, a year when the retail gasoline price also approached $4 a gallon. After the 2008 price zenith, gas fell back to $2.60 a gallon late last summer, but started skyrocketing again a few months ago. “I don’t like it, it’s too high,” said Jim Elletts of North Platte May 3 as he gassed up the family car. “I got a little irate when I read (about Exxon’s profits.)” "It’s outrageous,” said Kristin Hayes, 19, a community college student who bought only 2.6 gallons – about $10 worth.

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